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Tuesday, April 16



Action Research Project - Intervention (Poster 56) Zone B Ancient Maya Study Abroad Experience (Poster 6) Zone A Effects of Housing Condition on Alcohol Demand and Escalation of Demand in Female Rats (Poster 40) Zone A Meditative Medallions (Poster 36) Zone A SAE BAJA Buggy (Poster 1) Zone A Test Performance in Nature Based Versus Constrained Traditional Academic Setting (Poster 34) Zone A The Oculus (Poster 78) Zone B Undergraduate Research Training on New Remote Sensors for Air Quality and Meteorological Monitoring (Poster 70) Zone B Undiscovered Beauty (Poster 19) Zone A Using SERS to Characterize Materials in Cultural Artifacts (Poster 26) Zone A Ville Crafts (Poster 3) Zone A Exploring and Understanding SWIR Data using Remote Sensing Tools (Poster 200) Zone D Hyperspectral Target Detection using Remote Sensing Tools (Poster 204) Zone D Lancaster (Poster 213) Zone D Prior Knowledge Assessment in the 6th Grade Science Classroom (Poster 216) Zone D Progress Towards the Synthesis and Chemistry of 2-sulfobenzoyldiaziridines (Poster 219) Zone D Seamless Mosaic of Haiti Port Area (Poster 206) Zone D Thematic Change of Agricultural Plots in Indiana (Poster 202) Zone D Formation of Imine-Linked Covalent Organic Frameworks (Poster 526) Zone G Genetic Manipulation and The Problems Parents Face in their Duty to Protect their Children from Inherited Disorders (Poster 500) Zone G Land Use Effects on a Temporal Comparison of the Presence and Abundance of Microplastics in Riverine Systems (Poster 503) Zone G Perilous Hotspots for Threatened and Endangered Terrestrial Vertebrate Species in the Continental United States (Poster 523) Zone F Progress Toward the Synthesis and Chemistry of 1-Aroyldiaziridines (Poster 506) Zone G Screening Novel Organic Componds for Antibiotic Function (Poster 528) Zone G Studies of the Imine Inverse Electron Demand Diels Alder (Poster 512) Zone G University Herbaria as a Rich Source of New Floristic Discoveries (Poster 522) Zone G Schooling Through the Years Room 104 A Weekend Warriors: WWI German Reenactors of the Great War Association at Newville, Pennsylvania Room 104 A Citizen Science Acoustic Surveillance for Pennsylvania Bat Species of Concern Room 106 Development of an Aptasensor Room 106 The Benefit of Individual Conferences with Students Room 106 The Growing Field of Sports Journalism Room 112 Global, Social, and Political Attitudes Room 117 Contemporary Human Rights Challenges Room 118 Papyrus Portal Floor 6


Analysis of Citizen Science Aurora Data Collected by Aurorasaurus in 2017 (Poster 84) Zone C Catalytic Activity of Au and Ni Nanocatalysts in the Reduction of 4-Nitrophenol and Nitroanilines with NaBH4 (Poster 88) Zone C Degradation of Cooking Oils (Poster 75) Zone B Economic Value of Weather Forecasts in Spraying for the Oriental Fruit Moth (OFM) Affecting Apple Orchards in South-Central Pennsylvania (Poster 67) Zone B How Quick Writes Engage Students in Writing (Poster 86) Zone C Illuminate Your Work By Publishing With the Journal (Poster 43) Zone A Increasing Online Social Interaction to Reduce Mild to Moderate Depressive Symptomatology: A Randomized Controlled Trial (Poster 38) Zone A Physical Organic Study of Ring Strain on Yellow Dye Containing Couplers (Poster 52) Zone B Synthesis of Highly Emissive Covalent Organic Frameworks for Optoelectronic Properties. (Poster 58) Zone B Temperature Controlled Sample Holder for Reimagining the Iodine Absorption Experiment (Poster 50) Zone B The Effect of Project Based Learning on Science: An Exercise in Divergent Thinking (Poster 73) Zone B The Effects of Test Sequence in a Battery of Behavioral Tests with C57BL/6J Mice (Poster 65) Zone B Visual Representation of Statistics Related to the Transgender Community (Poster 61) Zone B An Experimental Comparison of Selected Corrugated Fiberboard (Poster 502) Zone G Creating a Showcase at the South by Southwest Music Festival (Poster 510) Zone G Environmental Effects on IclR Transcription (Poster 536) Zone G Exploring Perceptions of Social Work Values among Social Workers in Kenya (Poster 530) Zone G Gamified Learning (Poster 532) Zone G Keum-boo: The ancient Korean gilding technique to apply gold foil to silver. (Poster 525) Zone G Misread (Poster 504) Zone G Political Extremism (Poster 516) Zone G TPT Action Research Poster (Poster 534) Zone G MidnightRun24: a 24-Hour Film Festival Room 100 Speech Showcase (1) Room 104 A Speech Showcase (2) Room 104 A Speech Showcase (3) Room 104 A Speech Showcase (4) Room 104 A Determine Time of Death of a Murdered Person by Newton's Law of Cooling Room 104 B Developing 21st Century Skills Using Technology Integration in the Early Childhood Classroom Room 104 B Evaluating Severe Convective Wind Environments and Radar Signatures Room 104 B The MU-SCORE Traineeship Program Student Experience Room 106 The Technique and Teaching of Throat Singing Room 106 Latino/a Studies Library Research Fellows' Panel Presentation Room 112 The Influence of Art Intervention on Social Interactions among Inner City Latino Children Room 112 Modern China Room 117 HANS CARL VON CARLOWITZ, SUSTAINABILITY, (1713) Room 118 HANS RIEGEL, GOLDBÄRCHEN (GOLD BEAR) (1922) Room 118 MERCEDES BENZ AG, AIRBAG (1971) Room 118 OSKAR BARNACK, 35MM CAMERA (1925) Room 118 OTTO BOCK, C-LEG (1997) Room 118 SCHERING AG, BIRTH CONTROL PILL (1961) Room 118 HIST 355 Civil War and Reconstruction Room 804


another/space (Poster 2) Zone A Bringing Line Arrays into the Living Room Zone C Ebony, the black folks' guide to life (Poster 15) Zone A Humanities Coding Projects (1) Zone A Humanities Coding Projects (2) Zone A Humanities Coding Projects (3) Zone A Humanities Coding Projects (4) Zone A Mathematical Models of HIV/AIDS (Poster 80) Zone C Precipitation Impact on the Concentration of Microplastics in Urban, Forest and Agricultural Stream Systems. (Poster 60) Zone B Using Tn5 Mutagenesis to Identify Pathogenicity Genes in Pseudomonas tolaasii, the Causal Agent of Bacterial Disease in Button Mushrooms (Poster 85) Zone C 1001 Nights in Salman Rushdie’s Work (Poster 365) Floor 3 Aladdin and 1001 Nights (Poster 315) Floor 3 Aladdin and 1001 Nights (Poster 333) Floor 3 Aladdin and 1001 Nights (Poster 368) Floor 3 Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and 1001 Nights (Poster 511) Floor 3 Beowulf and The Odyssey (Poster 363) Floor 3 Big Fish and The Odyssey (Poster 338) Floor 3 Finding Nemo and The Odyssey (Poster 304) Floor 3 Forbidden Planet and The Tempest (Poster 337) Floor 3 Green Lantern and 1001 Nights (Poster 370) Floor 3 Hip Hop Feminism and Sexuality Is Not What You Think It Is - And That Is A Good Thing (Poster 348) Zone F Journey to the West and Gilgamesh (Poster 324) Floor 3 Meet the Robinsons and Gilgamesh (Poster 340) Floor 3 Once on This Island and The Tempest (Poster 322) Floor 3 Penelopiad and The Odyssey (Poster 358) Floor 3 Percy Jackson and The Odyssey (Poster 366) Floor 3 Radiation Profiles During A Quiescent Sun (Poster 345) Zone F Richard Burton’s translation of 1001 Nights (Poster 372) Floor 3 Sinbad, 1001 Nights, and The Odyssey (Poster 334) Floor 3 Sindbad and 1001 Nights (Poster 354) Floor 3 Star Wars and The Odyssey (Poster 344) Floor 3 Super Mario Odyssey and The Odyssey (Poster 343) Floor 3 Supernatural, Gilgamesh, and The Odyssey (Poster 342) Floor 3 The Canterbury Tales and 1001 Nights (Poster 351) Floor 3 The Hobbit and The Odyssey (Poster 306) Floor 3 The Influence of The Arabian Nights on Music (Poster 361) Floor 3 The Little Mermaid and The Tempest (Poster 376) Floor 3 The Odyssey and O, Brother, Where Art Thou? (Poster 531) Floor 3 The Penelopiad and The Odyssey (Poster 339) Floor 3 The Princess Bride and The Odyssey (Poster 374) Floor 3 The Simpsons and The Odyssey (Poster 331) Floor 3 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie and The Odyssey (Poster 341) Floor 3 The Tale of Genji and The Epic of Gilgamesh (Poster 514) Floor 3 The Tempest and The Little Mermaid (Poster 336) Floor 3 The Thousand and Second Tale of Scheherazade and Arabian Nights (Poster 335) Floor 3 The TV Adaptations of The Arabian Nights (Poster 509) Floor 3 The Underneath and 1001 Nights (Poster 378) Floor 3 The Wrath and The Dawn and 1001 Nights (Poster 327) Floor 3 Twin Peaks and The Odyssey (Poster 300) Floor 3 Umbrella Academy and Midnight’s Children (Poster 318) Floor 3 Analyzing the Comedy of "Who's On First" Room 100 Let's Talk Sex Room 100 Nonverbal Communication Increases Romantic Relationship Longevity Room 100 Women in Art I Room 104 A Women in Art I Room 104 A The Art of Composition: Skill or Gift? Room 104 B The Way Music Effects Political Participation Room 104 B Trends in The Ergonomic Development of The 21st Century Jazz Drumset Room 104 B Honduras (Single Oral Presentation) Room 106 Media In Ireland Room 106 South African Broadcast Systems Room 106 Creating a Place on the Susquehanna Room 112 Editing proceedings of the Millersville University Conference on the Holocaust and Genocide "Aftermath of the Holocaust and Genocides." Room 117 Serbian/Russian relations and the Russian influence in Serbia Room 117 The Caribbean Crisis Room 117 The Winter War Room 117 Diversity in a Digital Portfolio Room 118 Middle Eastern Studies Organization the Model Arab League Room 804


2018 - 2019 Accomplishments of the MU Cyber Defense Organization (Poster 64) Zone B 2018-2019 Accomplishments of the Millersville University Coding Club (Poster 72) Zone B A 3D Reconstruction of the South Santee River as part of the Part of the Hampton Plantation Virtual Landscape Project (Poster 74) Zone B An Analysis of the Usage of Social Media during Weather Warnings (Poster 59) Zone B Collaborating to Collect Challenging Oral Histories in the Age of Trump (Poster 89) Zone C Converting Grasst to BASH (Poster 66) Zone B FRAMES of Reference: Resources for Reporters (Poster 57) Zone B Geospatial Analysis of Veteran Access to Health Care Services and Other Benefits in Pennsylvania (Poster 87) Zone C In Prison and in Need: Does the Availability of Mental Health Services In Prison Affect State Recidivism Rates? (Poster 37) Zone A Is Going to College Worth It? (Poster 45) Zone B New Green Chemistry Catalysts (Poster 46) Zone B The Chemistry of the Ocean ESCI 363 – Chemical Oceanography (Poster 14) Zone A The Chemistry of the Ocean ESCI 363 – Chemical Oceanography (Poster 16) Zone A The Chemistry of the Ocean ESCI 363 – Chemical Oceanography (Poster 18) Zone A The Chemistry of the Ocean ESCI 363 – Chemical Oceanography (Poster 21) Zone A The Chemistry of the Ocean ESCI 363 – Chemical Oceanography (Poster 23) Zone A The Chemistry of the Ocean ESCI 363 – Chemical Oceanography (Poster 25) Zone A The Chemistry of the Ocean ESCI 363 – Chemical Oceanography (Poster 29) Zone A The Chemistry of the Ocean ESCI 363 – Chemical Oceanography (Poster 31) Zone A The Chemistry of the Ocean ESCI 363 – Chemical Oceanography (Poster 33) Zone A The Chemistry of the Ocean ESCI 363 – Chemical Oceanography (Poster 5) Zone A The Chemistry of the Ocean ESCI 363 – Chemical Oceanography (Poster 7) Zone A The Chemistry of the Ocean ESCI 363 – Chemical Oceanography (Poster 9) Zone A Thiophene-based Covalent Organic Frameworks (Poster 49) Zone B X-ray Analysis of Jets (Poster 51) Zone B An Assessment of the Threat of Invasive Species on Reforestation Efforts Within the Susquehanna Riverlands Conservation Landscape (Poster 377) Zone F Attollo (Poster 314) Floor 3 Boys & Girls Club- Lancaster (Poster 350) Floor 3 Contextualizing Dickens: Ending Great Expectations (Poster 325) Zone E Contextualizing Dickens: Illustrating Great Expectations (Poster 328) Zone E Contextualizing Dickens: Prison Conditions (Poster 303) Zone E Contextualizing Dickens: Sensation Novels (Poster 319) Zone E Contextualizing Dickens: Serial Publication (Poster 301) Zone E Contextualizing Dickens: The True Gentleman (Poster 316) Zone E DARS, Inc. (Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Services, Inc.) (Poster 357) Floor 3 Expanding the scope and utility of pentaerythritol acetal formation (Poster 305) Zone E Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership (LHOP) (Poster 367) Floor 3 MU - Dept of Government & Political Affairs (Poster 375) Floor 3 MU - University Police Department (Poster 364) Floor 3 MU - Visual and Performing Arts Center (VPAC) (Poster 307) Floor 3 MU - Visual and Performing Arts Center (VPAC) (Poster 355) Floor 3 MU- Dept. of Housing/ Residential Programs (Poster 362) Floor 3 MU- University Police Department (Poster 311) Floor 3 Music for Everyone (Poster 373) Floor 3 Northwestern Mutual (Poster 369) Floor 3 SAP America (Poster 360) Floor 3 Track 5 Media (Poster 347) Floor 3 Train Collectors Association (Poster 330) Floor 3 TW Ponessa & Associates Counseling Services, Inc. (Poster 321) Floor 3 Winding Way Books (Poster 352) Floor 3


2017 TAX CUTS: AN ANALYSIS (Poster 68) Zone B A part of 'The Ironic Three' (Poster 28) Zone A Animacy Perceptions in the Context of Social Inclusion (Poster 8) Zone A Chester County Municipality-Level Vulnerability Assessment (Poster 22) Zone A Conflict on the Frontier: Trade Relations Between the French and the English from 1681-1725 (Poster 81) Zone C Creek Lodge Flora Project (Poster 27) Zone A Differing Effects of Teachers’ and Mothers’ Inaccurate Beliefs: Evidence from Multiple Longitudinal Datasets (Poster 10) Zone A Dyslexic Readers and the Impact of Font (Poster 20) Zone A Education Through the Science On a Sphere (Poster 62) Zone B Homeless Services Providers and the “Housing First” model. (Poster 32) Zone A In-Situ Application of Magnetic Fields for Aligned Carbon Nanofiber Growth (Poster 83) Zone C Incorporating Engineering into Chemistry Education to help achieve the Next Generation Science Standards (Poster 71) Zone B MU Fine Art Metals Showcase: Inspirational Professional Development Opportunities Incite Innovative Results (Poster 13) Zone A NowInviteMe party community app (Poster 76) Zone B Racial Disparities in Bail Decisions (Poster 17) Zone A Racism and Discrimination in Harry Potter: Why the Books Are More Than Just Fiction (Poster 35) Zone A Rap Lyrics and The Underlying Traumas In African American Males (Poster 27) Zone A Residents’ Attitudes toward the Neighborhood in Southeast Lancaster (Poster 30) Zone A Blind Obedience and Manipulation in Yi Munyol’s Our Twisted Hero (Poster 209) Zone D British vs. Yoruba Meaning of Self-Sacrifice in Wole Soyinka’s Death and the King’s Horseman (Poster 203) Zone D Christianity and Oppression in Ngugi wa Thion’go’s The River Between (Poster 228) Zone D Female Experience from a non-Western Perspective in Ngugi wa Thion’go’s The River Between (Poster 208) Zone D Female Identity in Ahdaf Soueif’s The Map of Love (Poster 201) Zone D Feminism in Literature from a Non-Western Perspective (Poster 214) Zone D Feminism in Maryse Condé’s I, Tituba, the Black Witch of Salem (Poster 205) Zone D Folk Storytelling in Mo Yan’s Red Sorgham (Poster 210) Zone D Images of Egypt in Paintings by John Frederick Lewis and Ahdaf Soueif’s The Map of Love (Poster 226) Zone D Perspectives on Folk Mysticism in the 1600s vs. the Present in the Light of Maryse Condé’s I, Tituba, the Black Witch of Salem (Poster 211) Zone D Role and Symbolism of Sorgham in Mo Yan’s Red Sorgham (Poster 220) Zone D The Obeah Tradition in Maryse Condé’s I, Tituba, the Black Witch of Salem (Poster 207) Zone D The Obeah Tradition in Maryse Condé’s I, Tituba, the Black Witch of Salem (Poster 218) Zone D The Personal and the Political in Ngugi wa Thion’go’s Decolonizing the Mind (Poster 224) Zone D The Writer vs. the Dictatorial Regime in Samar Yazbek’s Woman in the Crossfire. Diaries of the Syrian Revolution (Poster 212) Zone D Differential Expression of Alternatively Spliced Twitchin and Kettin Isoforms may Affect Contractile Properties of Squid Muscles (Poster 356) Zone F In Vogue (Poster 359) Zone F Optimizing the Buchwald-Hartwig Coupling Conditions for Benzothiadiazole (Poster 313) Zone E Removal of Metal Nanoparticles from solutions Using Carbon Nanofibers (CNF) (Poster 317) Zone E Ring Current Density Error Analysis Using Curlometry (Poster 353) Zone F Steroid Hormone Regulation of Nematode Development (Poster 329) Zone E The Anomolous Muon g-2 and Supersymmetry (Poster 309) Zone E Upwelling-Enhanced Phytoplankton Production at the New England Shelf Break Front: Observations Using the Coastal Pioneer Array’s Submarine Gliders (Poster 326) Zone E Using SEO To Market Yourself (Poster 302) Zone E Hip Hop: Power of a Cultural Movement Room 100 Millersville Students on the Front Lines: Social Activism and Change from Normal School to University Room 104 A Differential Equation Models in Formulating a Rational Strategy for Managing the Fishery Room 104 B Identifying Underlying Issues in Gifted Students Who Regress in Life: A Case Study Room 104 B Investigating Effect of Pill or Injection Treatment on Patients with HIV by Differential Equations Room 104 B Education opportunities abroad: Developing global competencies Room 106 Occupational Barriers for Adults with Disabilities Room 112 Promoting the Inclusion of Students with Severe Disabilities at School and in the Community Room 112 The Impacts of Service Learning (1) Room 117 The Impacts of Service Learning (2) Room 117 The Impacts of Service Learning (3) Room 117 Lorna Simpson’s Use of the Unidentified Human Figure Room 118 The Rucellai Palace: An Architectural Symbol of Family Ambition in Renaissance Florence Room 118 Mini-Advertising Campaigns for Local Non-Profit Organizations Room 804


Allen the Atom (Poster 79) Zone C Black women love sex, too. (Poster 41) Zone A MUsings: The Graduate Journal (Poster 77) Zone C Opposites Attract (Poster 12) Zone A Prestige Goods — The Role of Gift Exchange in Treaties (Poster 69) Zone B Reef Life (Poster 79) Zone C Reef Life (Poster 79) Zone C Taking Laser Cutting to Another Dimension (Poster 39, 40) Zone A The Binding Characteristics of IclR Transcription Factor (Poster 82) Zone C The Chemistry Chaos! (Poster 79) Zone C Using Laser spectroscopy for studying the transitions of Rb and other Alkali metal atoms. (Poster 44) Zone A What is my Atomic Number? (Poster 79) Zone C What is my Atomic Number? (Poster 79) Zone C What is my Atomic Number? (Poster 79) Zone C Classical and Transformational Approaches for Triangle Center Proofs (Poster 349) Zone F Combining Cluster Analysis and Discriminant Analysis into an Integrated Approach to Analyze Data (Poster 332) Zone E Evaluating Subsurface Fractures in the Appalachian Basin (Poster 310) Zone E Expression of Neural Plate Border Specifier Pax3 in Slider Turtle Trachemys scripta) (Poster 308) Zone E Favoritism in Special Education? (Poster 323) Zone E Mapping Gulf Coast Erosion with Feature Extraction and Thematic Change Detection (Poster 346) Zone F Relationship Between High Energy Actinic Flux and Particle Number Density. (Poster 320) Zone E Steroid Hormone Biosynthesis by DAF-9 in Nematodes (Poster 312) Zone E A Study of the Economic Viability of the Maryland State Park System: A Benefit-Cost Analysis (Poster 527) Zone G An Exploratory Study of How Undergraduate Students Modify Their Behavior to Participate in Sustainability Projects (Poster 515) Zone G Crocheted Reflective Practices Artistic Expression Final Examination Poster (Poster 529) Zone G I am Unique (Poster 520, 521) Zone G Inktober Coloring Book Volume 1: A Look at Maintaining Artistic Practices While Teaching (Poster 505) Zone G International Broadcasting Systems: New Zealand (Poster 517) Zone G Is Streaming Revenue Replacing CD Revenue that was Disrupted Due to Streaming Services? (Poster 533) Zone G Israel and National Identity (Poster 513) Zone G Synthesis Frontier (Poster 518) Zone G The effects of environmental enrichment on reinstatement of ethanol-seeking in female rats (Poster 501) Zone G The Impact of Study Skills in an Eighth Grade Classroom (Poster 507) Zone G Poetry Out Loud Room 100 Women in Art II Room 104 A Women in Art II: Presentation 1 Room 104 A "I Did This to Myself": Disability and Non-Normative Bodies in the Manga and Anime Series One Piece Room 104 B A Global Look: Walmart Inc. Through a Managerial Lens Room 104 B How Does the Growth of Science and Engineering Effect the Economic Well-Being of the United States? Room 104 B United States of Inequity: An Examination of America's Not So Figurative War on African Americans Room 104 B Early African American Writers and Religion Room 106 Finding Identity Through Education in Early African American Literature Room 106 Search for Identity in Harriet Jacobs’ Incidents in the Life of A Slave Girl and James Weldon Johnson’s Autobiography of An Ex-Colored Man Room 106 Social Norms as an Instrument for Freedom in Slave Narratives Room 106 W.E.B. DuBois’s Concept of Double-Consciousness and Its Influence on the Poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar Room 106 What of Identity: A Postmodern Reading of James Weldon Johnson's Novel The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man Room 106 Nonverbal Cues of Perception Room 112 The Importance of Cultural Field Studies and the Influence on Future Educators Room 112 Deadly Disease: The Spread of Disease Across the Atlantic World and their Consequences on Modern Health Room 117 Development While Free: A Cross-Analysis of Post-Colonial Cuba and Haiti” Room 117 How Private Companies During Atlantic Colonization Created U.S. Capitalism and Society Today Room 117 Is the Current Political Turmoil in Venezuela a Reflection of the Bolivarian Revolution Room 117 Privateering, Piracy, Diplomacy and Its Consequences on the Americas Room 117 The Incarnation of Capitalism and the Death of the Middle Ages: How Modernity was Born in the Atlantic World Room 117 Vive l’Atlantique: How Napoleon Created the Modern Dictatorship Through the Modern Atlantic World Room 117 Overseas Experiences: Studying Abroad Room 118 An Analysis of Task Versus Relationship Behaviors in Volunteer and Full-time Firefighters Room 804 Evaluation of Messages in Firefighter Recruitment Room 804 Mean World and MadWorld: An Analysis of Cultivation Theory's Applications towards Video Games Room 804 The Pomegranate and the Falcon: The lives of Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn. How they lived, fell, and how the health of one man destroyed them Room 804